12 Best Safety Trainers UK 2024: Lightweight and Comfortable

Looking to find your best safety trainers for work?

We review the 12 most popular, lightweight and comfortable work trainers that you can currently buy online in the UK.

Work trainers have many different features and come in many different combinations. Some important features include puncture-resistant soles, steel toe caps and a non-slip rubber sole. But you need to make sure you choose your safety footwear based on your specific needs and working environment. If you work in construction, for example, you might want to take a look at our guide on the best heavy-duty work boots here.

At the end of the reviews, you can read more about the main things to look for in a pair of work shoes.

12 Most Comfortable Safety Trainers Reviews

Now, without any further ado, let’s jump into what I consider some of the most comfortable and reliable safety shoes on the UK market:

Best Overall Safety Shoes – LARNMERN

most comfortable safety shoes

These trainers are my #1 choice due to their practicability and diverse design styles. On the listing page, you can choose any of their 24 different colours and styles. Plus, they won’t break the bank either.

Manufactured from a breathable synthetic material, they behave well in the summer heat.

Don’t be fooled by their look – these shoes are equipped with a protective steel toe cap. Plus, their anti-slip sole is quite resistant.

Their only downside: not being waterproof. So if you tend to work outdoors on wet, rainy days, these are not for you.

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Best Value Safety Trainers – Black Hammer

Made of leather, these comfortable safety trainers are fully waterproof.

They are lightweight thanks to their composite toe cap and kevlar midsole protection. best safety trainers uk

Another great advantage of composite toe caps is their heat tolerance – meaning they behave well in both, cold and hot environments. Plus, they don’t conduct electricity.

Among other features, it includes anti-static heels and slip/oil resistant soles.

Priced at around £30 at the time of this review, I can’t fault these.

There is a 6 months sole warranty in place by Black Hammer and you can return them for free if the size isn’t right.

The only thing I don’t like about them is the quality of the laces. You might have to replace the original ones after a couple of months.

Other than that, a great runner-up.

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Apache Men’s Strike Safety Trainers

The first thing that you will notice about these Apache safety shoes is that they actually don’t look like a pair of work trainers at all. Despite this fact, however, they tick all the boxes in terms of safety.
apache lightweight safety trainer uk

They are a stylish safety trainer designed for comfort, fit and durability for the industrial and light construction workplace.

The outer material is leather and they’ve got composite midsole protection and aluminium toe. Therefore, they are a lot lighter compared to their steel-toed counterparts.

What I like about these is the fact that they are the type of work trainers that you can wear pretty much anywhere outside of your workplace.

Overall, good value for money, they prove to be a popular choice among others so a well-deserved spot on this list.

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One of the most comfortable safety trainers – V12 Tornado

These Tornado safety trainers feature a composite toe cap and they are one of the best safety shoes currently on the market if comfort is your second priority (safety comes first).
tornado safety trainer review

And that’s because of its airflow footbed which releases air around your feet with every step you take while the airbag heel absorbs any shock going through your heel.

They’re padded, moisture-wicking, highly breathable and resistant to heat up to 300°C. They are also resistant to acid, alkali, oil and hydrocarbon, and adding the anti-slip protection offered by their triple-density phylon/rubber sole – they’re quite flexible when it comes to working environments.

My only complaint would be the fact that they are not waterproof, which would have probably made them the complete deal. Other than that, you can’t get a lot more out of a safety trainer in terms of comfort.

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Best Steel Toe Cap Trainers – Cat Infrastructure

CAT footwear is synonymous with high quality. Distributed in more than 150 countries, the brand has grown from a small collection of work boots into a global lifestyle brand.
best steel toe cap safety trainer uk

A comfortable steel toe cap trainer. They provide good support around the ankles and are extremely well padded so as to prevent any discomfort when worn for extended periods of time.

Being made of breathable material and having extra midsole protection, they are definitely a reliable choice for your workplace.

The outer material is leather while the inside is made of mesh. Another strong characteristic of CAT footwear: they are made to last. So if you don’t mind paying that bit extra for the quality it offers, the Caterpillar brand is well known for its footwear durability.

These are just one of the few reasons why the CAT shoes are generally one of the best-rated steel toe cap safety trainers on Amazon.co.uk.

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Best Lightweight Safety Trainers for Ladies: Lee Cooper

A very popular choice among women. And that’s thanks to their stylish look and comfort. They’re extremely lightweight for a safety trainer (comparable to any other regular trainer) – it only weighs around 0,5kg.lee cooper best work trainers

They’re equipped with a steel toe cap and have a padded ankle and collar design to increase the comfort of the person wearing them.

As a negative, although they are classed as non-slip, because of their flat rubber compound sole they are sometimes difficult to wear in greasy environments.

But, given the fact that they don’t look like a safety trainer at all and if you’re looking for a nice, stylish design then they might be the right choice for you. They are one of the comfiest safety trainers on the market but in terms of longevity – unfortunately, they’re not the best.

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Great-Looking Composite Toe Cap Work Trainers – Goodyear Men’s Gyshu1503

Another well-known brand that definitely adds some extra confidence in terms of product quality – is Goodyear.
goodyear best safety trainer
These Goodyear safety shoes are anti-static and although being robust, they proved to be quite a lightweight trainer. Heat resistant as well – to up to 300 degrees.

They are metal-free, having a composite strengthened toe cap for extra protection. Being anti-static and anti-bacterial, it should reduce a bit the ‘smelly feet’ syndrome that always appears at the end of a long day.

Besides that, coming in a great blend of colours, impressing your work colleagues is guaranteed.

Keep in mind, though, these safety trainers are not for running! That’s the only negative thing I can think about: the not-so-safety trainer design.

Yet again, a great product that offers great value for money.

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 CAT Footwear: best waterproof steel toe cap trainers

These Caterpillar are a great safety trainer for that guy who needs a safety boot but wants anything but. It looks like a sneaker, built with all of the safety features of a safety trainer.
cat best safety trainer in uk

It has steel toe cap protection and the insoles can be removed.

They’re highly breathable and also waterproof so they can be worn in most working environments.

Made from grey suede, these CAT safety trainers are sturdy and strong. A bit pricey compared to others but the quality of the brand is visible throughout the trainer

As a minus, they are a bit heavier than some of the work trainers that we review here. If you’re willing to go along with that for extra comfort and protection, then they might be a good fit. Depending on your budget, they might prove to be a good long-term investment, as CAT footwear is well known for its durability.

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A Basic Steel Toe Safety Trainer

Good looking safety trainers that could easily be confused with a normal pair of shoes. The steel toe cap offers you the protection you need, and although they don’t look very sturdy, they have compression protection of 15 000 Newtons (the equivalent of approximately 1,5 tonnes).
best safety shoes uk

The fact that they only weigh approximately 1,3 kg (~2,8 pounds) don’t take away their compliance with the Iso 20345 Standard.

They are comfortable and slip-resistant, if you spend a lot of time of the day wearing a pair of steel toe cap shoes, these lightweight safety trainers might be a good option for you. There are also plenty of different models to choose from, depending on your taste.

One complaint regarding these work trainers: they’re not waterproof. If you usually work outdoors then there’s a high chance of your feet getting wet while raining.

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Waterproof Safety Trainers – DeWALT Men’s Krypton 

Weighing around 1,1kg, this pair of shoes had to be part of our best steel toe safety trainers list. Their fabric is surprisingly breathable given its waterproof nature.
DeWalt Safety Trainer review uk

They’ve got a composite penetration-resistant midsole and because of the gum rubber sole, they provide an anti-slip resistance.

Each safety trainer has a padded collar, tongue and insole and their shock-absorbing sole offers you the comfort guarantee. They come with a removable insole and an antibacterial inner sock.

One problem with these boots is the fact that they are classed as wide fit, keep that in mind if you’re planning to buy one of these – you might have to go for 1 size smaller.

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Best Cheap Steel Toe Cap Work  Trainers

If you find yourself on a budget or you don’t want to spend too much on a pair of safety trainers, they might be the perfect choice for you. They are a basic model with a praised stylish look and colour.
cheap best safety trainer uk

Each pair has a steel toe cap which offers you the protection you need and their shock absorption sole makes them fairly comfortable to wear.

On the other side of the coin, although they are being classed as non-slip, I’ve read a few reviews about people saying they are quite slippery. So take into consideration your working environment if you’re planning to go for a pair of these.

Overall, good value for money and a well-deserved spot on our list.

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Another Great Composite Toe Safety Trainers – Dickies Tiber Composite

Another great pair of lightweight work trainers by Dickies.

They’ve been in the workwear industry for almost 100 years now, so when it comes to trust – I think they’ve gained it. That’s one of the reasons they are a bit pricey compared to other, less popular brands.
best composite toe safety trainers

The fact that they’re using a composite toe cap instead of the regular steel, ensures a hassle-free security check experience (metal detectors) if there’s one in place in your workplace.

Having a composite toe cap also makes them a bit lighter compared to those using a steel toe cap.

They are slip-resistant but although they’re being classed as waterproof, there are a few amounts of people complaining about getting their toes wet on rainy days.

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If you have to wear safety trainers in your workplace, then chances are you have to keep them on for many hours. Then why not choose your best safety trainer, the one that fits your needs and comfort standards?

A lot of people are working under the misconception that safety shoes are supposed to be uncomfortable. Nowadays, there are so many brands and different types on the market so there’s plenty to choose from for finding your perfect fit.

If you are new to the world of work trainers, there are a few things you need to consider before buying your first pair. They are called ‘safety’ or ‘work’ trainers for a reason: to offer the optimum protection your feet need even in the most challenging working environments.

Here are the top 6 things you need to consider before buying your best work trainers:

  1. Different types of safety toe protection 

As its name suggests, the purpose of safety toes is to protect your toes from injuries. They are a strict requirement for many occupations. There are 3 main types of safety toes:

  • Steel toes: The most common, traditional choice. They are also the heaviest.
  • Aluminium toe: A bit lighter than the steel toe and a bit bulkier as well.
  • Composite toe: The lightest safety toes you can get. They are usually made of plastic, carbon fibre or kevlar. Because they are non-metallic can easily be worn through metal detectors.

2. Your working environment

Most of the safety shoes listed here (or the ones you find on the market) come with an anti-slip feature. That can prove to be very handy as most environments can become wet or slippery at some point. Make sure you take that into consideration before buying your work trainers. Electrical Surge Protection is an important feature so if you work around electrical components – make sure you buy non-conductive shoes.

At the same time, you need to know the level of protection you will need. Assuming you are looking for work trainers, you work in a light industrial environment or just doing basic stuff around your house. For heavy-duty jobs, you should look for a sturdy pair of boots with ankle support and steel toe cap protection.

3. Don’t go after style

Remember, you are looking for a pair of trainers that will keep you safe. The ones that look the best don’t necessarily offer you the optimum protection. You will only wear them while working, don’t compromise!

4. Cost over quality

One of the most important tips: don’t prioritise cost over quality. Especially if you are going to wear them for a decent amount of hours every single day. You do not want to buy a fragile pair of shoes that will only make your feet suffer – instead, you should invest in quality footwear. Think about your safety, health and comfort.

5. Look for some soft insoles

Some shoes come with hard or hard-foam insoles, and they can be responsible for a lot of foot pain and injuries. Your safety trainers should feature a soft insole if you want to keep yourself free from many painful conditions. And if they don’t, you should definitely buy a pair – insoles greatly complement your overall comfort.

6. Consider the material of the uppers  

The top of your safety trainers is made out of some kind of fabric, leather or rubber. These materials all have their own unique properties that will affect your comfort and foot health. Some are more breathable than others, but they all come with different durability and flexibility features.

Question: Which sole material is best for safety shoes?

That’s a question I get asked often and the usual answer is: it depends “on what you want to do and what you expect from your safety shoes.”

There are a few different types of sole material that can be used for safety shoes. PU soles, for example, are light and abrasion-resistant, making them perfect for hard-wearing shoes. They come with long-term mechanical properties and are water-resistant too. Plus, they have good resistance to slip, oxidation, and bending performance. PU soles are also excellent shock absorbers, chemically resistant, and environmentally friendly. This is the reason why most men and women prefer safety trainers with PU soles and they are the ones I usually recommend too.


There are a lot of good brands out there that make quality safety trainers, and you should look at different ones before making a purchase. This is a worthy investment as you will be protecting your feet from injury – even if the shoes cost more than generic footwear.

Check the size – your safety trainers should not be too tight or too loose. Make sure they match what you normally wear.

If possible, make sure they are machine-washable and can easily be dried. This will prolong the lifespan of your footwear and keep it clean for longer than if you just wipe them down with a damp cloth. If not, then use a separate cleaning product that is suitable for the materials your trainer is made of.

Make sure the insoles are removable – this way you can replace them with a new set if they wear out from use. If not, then at least keep an extra pair at work to change into as soon as possible.

Keep all these tips in mind before making a purchase and you should be well on your way to keeping your feet safe and sound.