5 Best Ladies Safety Trainers

best ladies safety trainers

Working tough jobs on different sites or warehouses was considered a man’s job until recently. When women first started getting into these rugged work lines, they were still expected to use “manly” equipment, such as clunky, heavy, ugly-looking work boots. But the best ladies safety trainers pulverise that myth. We’re here to tell you that, … Read more

How to avoid smelly safety boots

how to stop smelly work boots

Smelly work boots are a common problem that can be incredibly hard to fix. My wife used to hate it – and she wasn’t the only one. The first step is obvious but not always possible. If you’re working outside in hot weather for long hours without stopping, your boots are going to sweat regardless … Read more

How to break in safety boots

how to break in work boots

Have you been frustrated with how uncomfortable work boots feel? You’re not alone. Breaking in your new work boots can be a real challenge, but there are some easy ways to make it easier on yourself. How to break in a pair of new work boots Here are a few simple methods that you can … Read more

How should Safety Boots fit

how should safety boots fit

Safety boots are an essential part of any safety conscious individual’s equipment. That is, if you want to be fully protected and avoid injury at work or on the job. The first step in finding the right pair for you is ensuring they fit correctly and feel comfortable enough to wear all day long. Luckily, … Read more

Best Work Boots 2024 | Top Rated UK Safety Boots Reviews

best work boots reviews

The best work boots are typically determined by where you’ll be walking most often, so first consider the environment where you spend the majority of your workday. Is it dry? Wet? Will you be standing on concrete or walking the majority of the time? You’ll also need to consider the conditions of your work. Will … Read more